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Written by Safe Food Sally
on February 07, 2019

The temperature is rising as we head into mid-summer, and what better way to start the new year than with delicious stone fruits? That's right; nectarines, plums, peaches, and more are all here for the picking and eager to join your amazing desserts, fresh salads, jams and smoothies. Juicy, delicious and succulenlyt different, stone fruit are each unique with their own feel and flavour and can add a tasty kick to a variety of foods.

Here are our tips to buying the best stone fruit for your food business:

Stone fruit 


The best way to purchase stone fruit is to look at it (yes we know it may seem a little weird, but the appearance can say a lot about a fruit!). Not to mention that you eat with your eyes first. The sweetest and most ripe stone fruit have a strong vibrant colour:

Apricot Yellow to orange with a red blush
Nectarines & peaches (Colour varies) Combination of yellow, orange and red 
Plums (Range of colours) Red/Purple, red  



When buying stone fruit, as well as the appearance, it's important to get a feel of the produce. With your food business, chances are you may be using them as soon as you receive your delivery and you want to get the best out of the fresh fruit. A tip is to avoid squeezing the produce as it may cause bruising on the flesh. The fruit should feel firm and be without any bruises and wrinkled skin. A way to remember this is: if there's a bruise, don't use!

Storing stone fruit

Stone fruit is best stored at room temperature, but once ripe it can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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Freezing stone fruit

Smoothies and fruit drinks taste best when they use real ingredients, not artificial flavouring. If you decide to freeze fruit, peel the fruit and put it in boiling water for 30 seconds then place it in cold water before removing the stone. Place in an airtight container (not a bag) and they will last longer.

TIP: Roll stone fruit in sugar before freezing also helps the fruit to keep its shape.

It's important to store food correctly in summer. You must take extra care when preparing, cooking and storing food as summer brings more warmth and moisture which provide the perfect conditions for nasties.

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